March 13, 2024
Sultan Sweets: a historic achievement that enters the Guinness Book of Records

In 2010, Al-Sultan International Sweets Company wrote its name in golden letters in the Guinness Book of World Records, with an unprecedented historical achievement represented by its entry into the Guinness Book of Records for the largest sweets box containing a mosaic of oriental Arabic sweets. This achievement represented a milestone in the company’s journey, and opened broad horizons for it to consolidate its position as a prestigious global brand, immortalizing its name in the memory of history as a symbol of creativity and excellence.

The story of this achievement emerged from the founder's spark of creativity. He sought to create an exceptional way to celebrate the decade of its founding.

The mosaic was designed and included famous archaeological landmarks from various parts of Syria, such as the Umayyad Mosque, Aleppo Citadel, and Al-Hosn Citadel. The painting was made from 606,200 pieces of candy, and the box with the sweets weighed more than 12 tons and was 112 meters long. It took 3 months of continuous effort to work on it.

This event received great media attention, as it was attended by dozens of journalists from around the world. The event was also broadcast live on several satellite channels.

The entry of Sultan Sweets into the Guinness Book of World Records represented an important achievement, not only for the company, but for the entire Arab world. This event demonstrated the Arabs' ability to create and innovate, and presented to the world a bright picture of our culture and civilization.

Mr. Samer Al-Qaseer expressed his pride in this achievement, stressing that it is the result of the efforts of all the company’s employees. He also added that this achievement will constitute an incentive for the company to continue excellence and innovation.

This achievement had a significant positive impact on Al-Sultan Sweets, as it contributed to increasing its fame and strengthening its position as a global brand. It also helped increase demand for the company's products from around the world.