March 13, 2024
Sultan Academy

In a world full of skills and creativity, the Sultan Academy stands out as a pioneering educational institution in the field of the sweets and food industry. The Academy was established in Damascus in 2005 to teach the arts and principles of making sweets and Eastern and Western foods, in addition to administrative and financial sciences in the best methods and at the hands of the most skilled chefs, craftsmen and experts, out of its belief in the importance of developing the skills of young people and enabling them to enter the labor market efficiently and effectively.
The Sultan Academy is considered a preserver of traditions and popular heritage in the world of oriental sweets, which guarantees customers a unique and authentic taste experience.

The Sultan Academy envisions a prosperous future filled with creative generations who are proficient in the arts of sweets and food, contributing to enriching this vital sector and raising the level of quality in it. The Academy seeks to achieve its vision of being a leading educational center in the field of the sweets and food industry at the international level.

The Sultan Academy offers a variety of focused programs prepared with the easiest, simplified educational methods that combine theoretical and applied knowledge to qualify students to work professionally.
Among these programs are;
- **Kunafa products course**
- **Oriental cooking course**
- **Western cooking course**
- **Ice cream course**
- **Facilities Management**
- **Marketing course**
And other programs where lessons are given in the academy’s branches spread across the Emirates and Turkey.
Certificates accredited by the Academy and an officially certified certificate by Istanbul Cerrahpaşa University are awarded to students who successfully complete its educational programs. These certificates help students enter the labor market with confidence and competence, and enhance their chances of obtaining suitable jobs.

The Sultan Academy is distinguished by a number of advantages that make it an ideal destination for those wishing to learn the arts of cooking, pastry and management, including:
Highly experienced training staff: The academy’s staff consists of an elite group of experts and specialists in the field of the sweets and food industry, who have extensive experience in this field.
Modern educational curricula: The academy’s educational curricula are designed to meet the needs of students and provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their field of work.
Modern facilities: The academy provides students with a modern and integrated learning environment, which includes all the equipment and tools necessary for practical learning.

Despite its commitment to tradition and heritage, the Sultan Academy does not stop developing and innovating in the sweets industry. The Academy also works to develop and update its menu regularly, and uses the latest technologies in the confectionery industry to meet the needs of modern customers.

The Sultan Academy is a prominent beacon in the field of teaching the arts and principles of sweets and food making, as it offers distinguished educational programs that meet the needs of students of different levels.

Sultan Academy: Your ideal choice for building a successful future in the world of sweets and food.